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The Private Client Podcast Series

Volume One

With Alan Eccles

9 Hours CPD for only £250

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CCPD Training are delighted to introduce the first edition of our private client podcast series. Comprising 6 episodes, each approximately 90 minutes long, delegates will have access to 9 hours of the highest quality, up to date private client CPD.

Using a mixture of seminar, discussion and guest interviews, each professionally produced episode is available in both video and audio-only format and accessible from your desktop or mobile device.

On completion of the series, delegates will receive a certificate for 9 Hours CPD and will also have the opportunity to join an arranged live Q & A session with your host to discuss any questions they have and provide any assistance you may require on the topics discussed.

The complete series is now available for £250+VAT (£180+VAT for trainees).

Episode 1: Succession Law

Falling in love with Succession Law... all over again

An overview of some Scottish succession law that you might not have had since university! Reminding you of key rules and tricky issues and key cases. This episode will feature the classic topic of legal rights and disinheritance. It will help with will and trust drafting as well as succession planning and more contentious cases. The discussion will also provide a comprehensive overview of the Succession (Scotland) Act 2016. We will also take a look across the border to hear about essential elements of English wills as well as important changes to procedures for wills and probate applications.

This will be a great overview for those staring their private client career as well as the more experienced adviser.


Alan Eccles BKF&Co


Rod Smith Partner, Royds Withy King, and co-chair of the Law Society of England and Wales’ Wills and Equity Committee

Episode 2: Law and tax

The deadly duo... law and tax in succession planning

What fundamental legal and tax points should you be thinking about when advising clients. What are the current issues and changes to tax reporting requirements? What should you be thinking about with particular clients such as those with business interests? When doe individuals and trusts need to do annually and elsewhere to be tax compliant?

A discussion that will deliver the essentials while covering more bespoke developments and ideas.


Alan Eccles BKF&Co


Morag Watson Azets

Episode 3: Financial Planning

Teamwork makes the dream work… lawyer and financial planner

When helping private clients, there are some topics that need a team. A team with legal and financial input. This session and discussion will look at the classic situations where this can come up and the key things to be thinking about. These are areas where there can be real value for a client but also risks of missing points, straying outwith your knowledge zone or into territory in which you are not regulated to advise. Among the matters covered will include, pensions, death benefits and life insurance including important points that solicitors will advise on and need to be aware of.


Alan Eccles BKF&Co


Lisa Johnston VWM Wealth
Grahame Hopper VWM Wealth

Episode 4: Family Law

You can’t choose your family...

...but you can make sure family and succession law issues are joined up. Family law matters throw up lots of succession law issues. Succession planning throws up a range of family law matters. Spotting the cross-over is important. Underlaps in advice on these sensitive cases can cause immediate challenges and long-term disadvantage and disappointment.

This podcast will benefit both family lawyers and private client solicitors navigate the shared areas of these two disciplines.


Alan Eccles BKF&Co


Rhona Adams Morton Fraser

Episode 5: Charity Governance

Charity begins… with good governance

Charities have never been so important. They are crucial to society. And with a special outlook and status, charities and third sector organisations come with a bespoke range of legal and wider governance issues. From set up to fundraising to annual accounting to tax, there are particular considerations to be aware of. Benefitting from the keen eye of a leading charity auditor, this session will look at essential elements of charity law and governance as well as recent and future developments no practitioner should be forgetting.

England has separate rules and a distinct regulator. But there can be cross-border points and developments in England and Wales that can apply to Scottish charities. Listeners and viewers will get the chance to get a snapshot of relevant points from England.


Alan Eccles Partner, BKF&Co


Jenny Simpson Wylie & Bisset
Chris Willis-PickupTaylor Vinters

Episode 6: Contentious Matters

Fight Club? Contentious private client matters

It doesn’t always have to go all Harry Hill when private client, succession and tax matters become more heated. As well as covering off the classis bases for dispute in this area, the session will explore recent case law and statutory developments. And to try and create more light than heat, the discussion in this session will look at how best and most efficiently and effectively to resolve contentious cases. The discussion will benefit from succession law and planning thoughts and dispute resolution expertise, including some points from England. Beyond the contentious, the episode will also cover charity reorganisations.


Alan Eccles BKF&Co


Gordon Watt Advocate and CTA
Sarah Lee Pennington Manches Cooper