Insightful. Incisive. In (your) house.

Training and consultancy from leading experts, tailored exactly to your needs

Are you in a law firm, or in-house team? Do you want detailed knowledge of black-letter law, or to develop outstanding strategic and management skills? Whatever your training and development needs, CCPD can meet them at a budget which offers exceptional value for money.

Standards, not standard

CCPD does not do "off-the-shelf." We know lawyers are strongly individual, and so, unlike many of our competitors, everything we deliver is tailored collaboratively to each client's individual needs.

See below for some examples of the most popular in-house training programmes we offer.

What we offer

  • A range of thoughtful, stimulating programmes, delivered to groups of all sizes, at a time and location to suit you - day, evening or weekend.
  • Expert speakers, who are leaders in their field, and work with every kind of legal team, from in-house and Magic Circle, to small high street practices.
  • Dedicated materials and training manuals.
  • Strategy

    Successful strategy has two elements: the original conception and effective implementation. No two firms are the same, but the challenges are similar: analysing correctly the opportunities and threats, both internal and external; assessing honestly the firm’s strengths and weaknesses; setting the right goals, then leading, motivating and communicating so that the whole organisation strives in unison to achieve them; having the guts to commit the hard cash and resources necessary to make ambition reality. You will be led and guided by people who have led highly successful law firms, know what is needed and as important, know how to avoid the bear traps.

    Coaching and mentoring

    The greatest demands often have little to do with client work, but with creating the right strategies for the business and ourselves, making successful relationships with colleagues, managing politics, dealing with personal stress and achieving the right balance between our business and personal lives. Our mentors have grappled with all these issues, and understand intimately what legal life is like at the sharp end. The offer support, empathy, and real-world practical guidance.

    Mergers and acquisitions

    The decision to merge or be taken over is usually life-changing and rarely easy. There are competing pressures. What are the strategic imperatives for both sides? Does the prospect of new markets and greater resources compensate for loss of control or the risk of a valued culture being submerged? Individuals assess what it means for them and how that squares with the needs of the firm. How will different personalities work together? Above all, will one plus one make more than two? Led by people who have themselves been successfully through the process and guided many others, we take you insightfully through the issues, and how best to approach them.

    Social Media

    One of the most powerful marketing tools for the 21st century law firm. Free resources which can enhance your reputation, increase client engagement and actively attract new business. Sounds easy. Making the most of the available technology requires skill and understanding – this course helps you unlock the potential.

    Tenders and pitches

    The most depressing sentence in the English language (with the possible exception of, “I sentence you to death.”) is probably, “Sorry, you came a close second”. Tendering and pitching are both art and science. The nuts and bolts of the proposition need to be right: people, price, sector experience, location, structural and financial robustness, and so on. But though clients think they buy professional services analytically, to a surprising extent still they buy with their hearts. Many great propositions have been shredded because the pitch team failed to demonstrate empathy, a clear understanding of client need and their personalities. Our experts have been at the heart of winning tenders from some of the largest, best-known businesses in the UK. Here, they guide you insightfully through the process, and show you what it takes to win.

    Making rainmakers

    Being able to sell our services effectively is more important than the ability to do the work. This can be a hard truth to swallow. We have invested our best years developing our skills, and rightly take pride in them. But without the sale, there is nothing and generating enough profitable work will always be our biggest challenge. Most law firms have great lawyers, but too few able to go out confidently into the market and win the business you need. Led by experts with an outstanding track record, and decades of coal-face experience, we show you how the very best performers do it.

    Black Letter Law

    Practical training across every discipline designed to help your staff with their day-to-day work at the coalface. Keeping knowledge current and practical skills sharp, we can deliver training to large groups of staff in changes to the law and other practical guides to minimize risk, maximize efficiency and meet CPD requirements.

    Appraisal and reward

    You need your people to to be happy and highly-motivated Every successful organisation needs a system of appraisal and reward that attracts the best people, retains their loyalty long-term, and helps get maximum performance from them. Our highly experienced experts address the key issues and help guide you to the right answer for your organisation.


    In the era of "more for less" one of our greatest challenges is to price in ways which drive turnover and profit, but leave clients feeling confident they are getting great value for money, As Lord Justice Donaldson observed, pricing is more an art than a science. Yet it is an art that gives those who master it a decisive competitive edge. Our pricing programmes are designed to create real confidence through knowledge of the major approaches, how best to apply them, dos and donts of negotiation, and innovations that really work.