Sheriff Court Proofs

February 22nd 2024

Virtual Seminar

Conducting a Sheriff Court Proof

February 22nd 2024

2 - 5pm

Speaker: Andrew Stevenson

Virtual Seminar

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3hrs CPD

Proofs can be rewarding to undertake, but they are also expensive and fraught with risk. The seminar is designed firmly with the practitioner in mind and it will focus on how the solicitor can best protect himself or herself against the perennial grievances of clients concerning delay, cost and bad outcomes.

The seminar will deal with proofs in the sheriff court and, in particular;

  • The importance of preparation
  • The necessity of having adequate funding in place
  • Managing clients’ expectations
  • It will cover the use of witnesses and productions, agreeing evidence, examination and cross examination.

    Amongst other topics the seminar will refer to rules of evidence, time limits, duties to the court and how to resolve conflicts of interest.

    It will also examine areas where solicitors have a personal liability to meet outlays and expenses.

    Although there will be references to textbooks and rules of procedure this seminar is designed primarily to offer practical guidance with self-preservation as the over-riding priority.

    The event begins at 2pm. Delegate registration is open from 1:30pm.

    Andrew is a practising solicitor advocate at Waddell and Mackintosh, with over thirty years’ experience in litigation, having conducted proofs in the Court of Session and the sheriff court. He is a contributor to Greens Litigation Styles and Greens Civil Practice Bulletin. He has also had articles published in the Journal and in the Juridical Review. Andrew has often acted as commissioner in the recovery of evidence. He has delivered seminars on civil procedure for the Royal Faculty of Procurators in Glasgow and the Glasgow Bar Association. He was a reporter to the Client Relations Office of the Law Society of Scotland between 2004 and 2011 and he is a past president of the GBA.