Family Law

Contact Disputes/Contempt of Court

August 20th 2024

Virtual Seminar

Contact Disputes/Contempt of Court and The Relocation of children

August 20th 2024

2 - 5pm

Speaker: Tom Quail

Virtual Seminar

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3hrs CPD

Failure to comply with court orders for contact or residence has in some cases led to prison sentences being imposed on parents for contempt of court. It is therefore important to understand the background of these cases and how these situations can be managed by Family Law Solicitors.

Another equally contentious area within family law relates to relocation of children which is an issue which can often lead to prolonged acrimonious disputes which are often litigated.

TThis seminar will look at both areas and provide practical guidance in relation to the following topics:

  • Consequences of non-compliance with a court order.
  • The standard of contempt of court.
  • The evidence required to establish contempt.
  • Likely penalties and available remedies.
  • Legal principles of relocation of children.
  • Relevant case law relating to relocation.
  • How to ensure continuing contact with non- resident parent.
  • Arguments likely to be successful or unsuccessful.
  • In addition to the content covered you will also be provided with detailed written notes including a style for a Minute for Contempt proceeding.

    The event begins at 2pm. Delegate registration is open from 1:30pm.

    Tom Quail is Head of the Family Law Group at Wright Johnston and Mackenzie and is a Family Law Expert who has been involved in Family Law at a high level for over 20 years.  Tom is accredited as a specialist in family law, a trained Mediator and a Solicitor Advocate. 

    Tom has spoken at Family Law Conferences over the past 10 years to experienced family lawyers and has had articles published in law journals.  Most recently, Tom had an article published this month in the Journal on the Scottish Law Commission is “Discussion paper on Cohabitation” and also this month had an article published on the online Journal for advice to separating couples in the face of COVID-19 which was co-written with a Clinical Psychologist.