Pitfalls of Leasing on the Farm

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Pitfalls of Leasing on the Farm: agricultural tenancies, the tool shed and the farm worker

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Speaker: Catherine Bury


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3hrs CPD

The Farm is a complex place when it comes to use, occupation and tenancies. Agricultural use can be obvious but what type of tenancy does a person have if they have been in occupation for years with nothing in writing? Are they actually a tenant? Furthermore, is the actual use of the farm that person is making commercial rather than agricultural? What are the implications on the occupier’s security of tenure? And what about the security and status of the retired farm worker living rent free in one of the cottages?

Topics covered:

  • agricultural tenancy types
  • long term occupation and unwritten tenancies
  • identifying commercial from agricultural use
  • termination of leases
  • identifying tied accommodation or service tenancies
  • security of the former employee
  • Catherine Bury specialises in rural law and regularly advises clients on agricultural leases, the purchase and sale of rural properties, security work and land reform issues. She also provides legal counsel to landowners regarding windfarms and renewable energy. Catherine is accredited as a specialist in agricultural law by the Law Society of Scotland.