Trainee CPD

Unleash your potential.

What you get

  • Trainees must undertake 60 hours worth of CPD over 2 years, of which 40 hours must be authorised TCPD
  • Dozens of dedicated face to face seminars and online webinars
  • 50% discount on CCPD events and training
  • CCPD are an authorised TCPD provider with a licence from the Law Society of Scotland. All of our CPD qualifies as authorised TCPD
  • Certificate provided on completion
  • Please contact us directly to discuss package solutions.
  • Your TCPD package

    Choose one of our TCPD packages and make substantial savings on the cost of training throughout your Traineeship. All packages include a guaranteed place on our Mandatory Ethics course.

    We offer three packages:

  • 20 Hour Package - £500+VAT (save £100)
  • 40 Hour Package - £800+VAT (save £400)
  • 60 Hour Package- £1000+VAT (save £800)
  • Fill out the form to purchase your package.

    General Enquiries

    If you have more complex TCPD requirements, or simply want to know more about our TCPD offerings and how they can benefit you or your employees, just contact us and we'll be in touch to discuss your questions and requirements.

    Speaker: Alan Eccles, John Cairns, Andrew Reynolds

    2pm - 5pm; 3hrs CPD

    This seminar is timed to get you up to speed on the estate planning landscape following the Budget: the essentials of the rules and any significant changes.

    Speaker: Stephen Vallance

    2-4pm; 2hrs CPD

    Time flies, particularly in the legal world. With so many demands on your time as a lawyer, how do you fit everything in? This 2 hour session will look at the importance of time management and prioritisation.

    Speakers: Tim Edward

    2-4pm; 2hrs CPD

    New rules on electronic filing and virtual hearings have had a huge impact on those practising all forms of dispute resolution. Tim Edward will review the new landscape.

    Speaker: Douglas Mill

    1:30-5:30pm; 4hrs CPD

    A 4 hr course designed to satisfy LSS Peat 2 requirements, exploring the importance of ethical behaviour, the core values of professional practice, and illustrating the creation and enforcement of ethical issues.

    Speaker: Stephen Farrell

    2 - 4pm; 2hrs CPD

    This seminar will try to demystify dilapidation disputes, giving an overview of the subject area and how to ensure such cases are handled correctly (whether acting for the landlord or the tenant).

    Speaker: Stephen Vallance

    2-4pm; 2hrs CPD

    In this 2 hour session we will explore the legal markets, current regulatory issues and the challenges and opportunities that you and your firm may encounter as you begin your career.

    Speaker: Stephen Vallance

    2-4pm; 2hrs CPD

    Getting our message over clearly and in a way that makes the best impression has never been more important In this 2 hour session we will look at the theory behind effective business communication and best practice for presentations.

    Speaker: Fiona McLeod

    2-5pm; 3hrs CPD

    In this in depth seminar, we will explore and examine the legislative changes which have been made and the impact on the housing sector post COVID-19.

    Speaker: Stephen Vallance

    2-4pm; 2hrs CPD

    In this 2 hour seminar we will look to develop delegates awareness of how to identify opportunities, bring in new business and assess their own personal impact.

    Speaker: Donna Reynolds

    2-4pm; 2hrs CPD

    This seminar will provide practical guidance for solicitors on how to help clients navigate through complex issues as we reopen after the COVID-19 lockdown.

    Speaker: Stephen Vallance

    2-4pm; 2hrs CPD

    This 2 hour session will help delegates identify different character types, understand trigger points that can lead to conflict and explore an array of tools to deal with potential issues when they arise.

    Speaker: Alan Eccles

    2-5pm; 3hrs CPD

    This seminar will look at key steps in the establishment, life, and the ending of a trust. It will cover what should be considered when advising on the use of trusts including important tax considerations.

    Speaker: Frances Rooney

    2-5pm; 3hrs CPD

    A comprehensive session on land registration in a post-2012 Act era with emphasis on how solicitors can minimise pitfalls, risk and liability.

    More Info

    CCPD are delighted to be partnering with Lexares for this event.

    Speaker: Tom Quail

    2-5pm; 3hrs CPD

    This seminar will look at failure to comply with court orders for contact or residence, as well as the often acrimonious relocation of children.

    Speaker: Various

    1-5pm; 4hrs CPD

    This in depth virtual conference will provide a unique blend of insights from Fiona Brown, the Public Guardian; the ex-Public Guardian, Sandra McDonald; and other solicitors and professionals involved in helping advise in this field.