Trainee CPD

Unleash your potential.

What you get

  • Trainees must undertake 60 hours worth of CPD over 2 years, of which 40 hours must be authorised TCPD
  • Dozens of dedicated face to face seminars and online webinars
  • 50% discount on CCPD events and training
  • CCPD are an authorised TCPD provider with a licence from the Law Society of Scotland. All of our CPD qualifies as authorised TCPD
  • Certificate provided on completion
  • Please contact us directly to discuss package solutions.
  • Your TCPD package

    Choose one of our TCPD packages and make substantial savings on the cost of training throughout your Traineeship. All packages include a guaranteed place on our Mandatory Ethics course.

    We offer three packages:

  • 20 Hour Package - £500+VAT (save £100)
  • 40 Hour Package - £800+VAT (save £400)
  • 60 Hour Package- £1000+VAT (save £800)
  • Fill out the form to purchase your package.

    General Enquiries

    If you have more complex TCPD requirements, or simply want to know more about our TCPD offerings and how they can benefit you or your employees, just contact us and we'll be in touch to discuss your questions and requirements.

    Speaker: Alan Eccles

    2-5pm; 3hrs CPD

    Alan Eccles speaks on the pitfalls and possibilities of protecting the family home, including inheritance tax, the technicalities of gifting homes, and care home planning.

    Speaker: Alan Eccles

    2-5pm; 3hrs CPD

    This session will provide a blueprint for best practice in wills, trusts and estates matters which will not only improve client service but also help solicitors identify and manage risk.

    Speaker: Iain G. Mitchell QC

    2-5pm; 3hrs CPD

    The Seminar will look at parking as an issue in the law of landlord and tenant and as a heritable servitude right, as well also at the light it casts on servitudes generally.

    Speaker: Tim Edward, Rehana Begum

    2-5pm; 3hrs CPD

    This session will review how the changes implemented within the Money Laundering Regulations 2017 have impacted firms and their clients and how firms might best prepare themselves for regulatory audit in this area.

    Speaker: Tom Quail

    2-5pm; 3hrs CPD

    A new Bill will be presented to the Scottish Parliament to reform the present law. The talk will be of interest to lawyers who specialise in family law but equally those lawyers for which family law is part of their general practice.

    Speaker: Iain G. Mitchell QC

    2-4pm; 2hrs CPD

    Iain G. Mitchell discusses the videoconferencing tools now in use, examining their use and possibilities in the legal profession, including remote Consultations.

    Speaker: Douglas Mill

    1:30-5:30pm; 4hrs CPD

    A 4 hr course designed to satisfy LSS Peat 2 requirements, exploring the importance of ethical behaviour, the core values of professional practice, and illustrating the creation and enforcement of ethical issues.