What you get

  • £180 for 3 hours verifiable CPD; 50% off for Trainee Solicitors
  • Face-to-face workshops with expert speakers
  • Premium central locations across Scotland in partnership with the Radisson Blu
  • Certificate provided on completion
  • Comprehensive hard copy learning manual provided on the day
  • Speaker: Alan Eccles

    2-5pm; 3hrs CPD

    This session aims to cover the key current obligations and how they can be efficiently dealt with in practice, as well as an awareness of and gearing up for changing requirements.

    Speakers: Elaine Petterson; Lucy McCann

    2 - 5pm; 3hrs CPD

    There has been a recent surge in the number of retailers who are choosing to use CVAs as their restructuring option of choice when they get into financial difficulties. What can landlords do?

    Speaker: Catherine Bury

    2-5pm; 2hrs CPD

    The Farm is a complex place when it comes to use, occupation and tenancies. Agricultural use can be obvious but what types of tenancy can a person have if they have been in occupation with nothing in writing?

    Speaker: Mike McColl, Mark McMurray

    2-4pm; 2hrs CPD

    Many commercial property solicitors regularly advise on development transactions – yet very rarely are the fundamental principles of the way the system works explained.

    Speaker: Tom Quail

    2-5pm; 3hrs CPD

    The drafting or preparation of a Separation Agreement represents the beginning of the end of perhaps lengthy and detailed negotiations between solicitors or at mediation. This seminar will be of interest to solicitors who specialise in family law.

    Speaker: Tim Edward

    2-5pm; 3hrs CPD

    Recent changes to regulations have led to firms and their employees receiving substantial penalties for not adhering to risk and compliance rules.

    Speaker: Fiona McLeod

    2-5pm; 3hrs CPD

    In this in depth seminar, we will explore and examine the legislative changes which have been made and the impact on the housing sector post COVID-19.

    Speakers: Alan Eccles; Rory Cowan

    2-5pm; 3hrs CPD

    This in depth seminar will look at steps to protect the home, pass it to the ‘right’ beneficiaries as well as ways to help family members get on to the property ladder.

    Speakers: Tim Edward

    2-4pm; 2hrs CPD

    New rules on electronic filing and virtual hearings have had a huge impact on those practising all forms of dispute resolution. Tim Edward will review the new landscape.