CCPD Convention Series

Full day conferences.
6 hours CPD. Multiple speakers.

CCPD presents our inaugural Convention Series, the premier CPD and networking events from Scotland’s most innovative provider. Covering a range of legal areas, it’s the perfect opportunity to get to the cutting edge. See what’s coming below.

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Criminal Justice

The Criminal Justice (Scotland) Conference

MAY 26TH • 0930–1630 • £150+VAT • EDINBURGH

The Criminal Justice (Scotland) Act 2016 will introduce the biggest changes to policing in more than 30 years. These changes will have an enormous impact on the day to day working practices of Criminal Defence solicitors, introducing significant and meaningful changes to issues pertaining to the custody, detention and welfare of suspects and accused persons. As a Criminal Defence solicitor, it is imperative to understand the full implications of these monumental legislative changes.

CCPD Training are working with Colin Drummond, who was the Police Scotland tactical training lead on the Criminal Justice (Scotland) Act Delivery Team. Colin organised hundreds of day training sessions over 18 months to the entirety of the Scottish police force at every level, and is the definitive leading expert on the Act and its implications.

  • Police Decision Making
  • Interview Prior to Solicitor Access
  • Overview of the Act and its implications
  • Powers of Arrest
  • Rights of suspects and responsibilities of interviewing authorities
  • Custodial Responsibilities
  • Use of Investigative Liberation and conditions attached
  • Post charge questioning
  • Case Studies
  • Interactive Q&A

    Colin Drummond former Detective Inspector
    Matthew Auchincloss Director, Public Defence Solitors' Office


    £150+VAT (£75+VAT for trainees)
    £113 (Member price)


    May 26th
    0930–1630 (registration from 0900)
    Radisson Blu, Edinburgh
    Fully catered (please make us aware of dietary requirements when you book)

    Personal Injury

    The Personal Injury Conference

    JUNE 2ND • 0930–1630 • £180 • GLASGOW

    The Personal Injury Conference will provide delegates with an essential update on legal , evidential and procedural developments affecting all who practise in the personal injury field.

    Joining our Chair, Gilles Graham, will be speakers from all sectors of personal injury practice. Our keynote speaker, Sheriff Kenneth McGowan, Sheriff in the All Scotland Personal Injury Court, is joined by speakers including Gordon Dalyell, partner at Digby Brown, Solicitors, Elena Fry, partner at Brodies, and Andrew Constable, partner at Clyde & Co (Scotland) LLP.

    Our speakers will bring you up to minute information on progress and practice in the All Scotland Personal Injury Court, and current thinking on most effectively deploying experts in personal injury litigation. With the Holyrood Justice Committee having now endorsed the principal of removing limitation for childhood abuse claims, we will review the history of these claims before the Courts, the current shape of the Bill, and what practitioners need to know for the future. We will also examine the scope, extent and on-going development of vicarious liability, and will consider the impact of technological advances for those affected by catastrophic injuries, while also addressing the impact of the introduction of the new discount rate.


    Gilles Graham Partner, Clyde & Co


    Sheriff Kenneth McGowan
    Elena Fry Parter, Brodies
    Gordon Dalyell Partner, Digby Brown
    Andrew Constable Partner, Clyde & Co


    £135+VAT (Member price)


    June 2nd
    0930–1630 (registration from 0900)
    Radisson Blu, Glasgow
    Fully catered (please make us aware of dietary requirements when you book)

    Commercial Property

    The Commercial Property Conference

    SEPTEMBER 19TH • 0930–1630 • £180 • GLASGOW

    The Commercial Property Conference will give delegates an overview of recent developments in the area and the opportunity to engage in discussion about the challenges they face on a day to day basis.

    Chaired by Ken Gerber of Anderson Strathearn, the conference will cover the following key topics:

  • Licensing aspects of property and lease transactions.
  • Property Tax (LBTT & VAT)
  • Planning aspects of property transactions.
  • Keeper induced registration and problems getting titles into the Land Register.
  • Repairs, insurance and uninsured risks in commercial leases.

  • Book now to secure 6 hours’ CPD and join hundreds of colleagues from all over Scotland.


    Ken Gerber Partner, Anderson Strathern


    Martin Bennett Senior Associate, Clyde & Co
    Iain Doran Partner, CMS
    Neil Collar Partner, Brodies
    Rebecca MacLeod Solicitor, Anderson Strathern


    £135+VAT (Member price)


    September 19th
    0930–1630 (registration from 0900)
    Radisson Blu, Glasgow
    Fully catered (please make us aware of dietary requirements when you book)