Commercial Property

A Practical Guide to Property Development

February 13th


A Practical Guide to Property Development

February 13th

2 - 5pm

Speaker: Iain Doran

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3hrs CPD

Many commercial property solicitors regularly advise on development transactions, which are usually conditional on planning permission – yet very rarely are the fundamental principles of the way the system works explained.  Not understanding the basic principles, and relying on “one we did earlier”, is one of the biggest risk factors for claims against solicitors.  This seminar aims to plug that gap by explaining the basic principles behind commercial development generally, residential development land promotion agreements, and upcoming changes to the Scottish planning system.

This seminar will cover the following key areas...

Commercial Developments: all developments - even single stand-alone buildings such as offices or factories – always involve a complex interweaving web of contracts, with the developers sitting spider-like in the middle of the web, and connecting contractual strands running between them and tenants, funders, contractors, sub-contractors and professional teams (and with further strands running between all of them).  In this seminar Iain Doran explains how all these work in practice and the structure of commercial developments generally.

Land Promotion Agreements: are a new form of agreement which has arisen over the past 10 years or so.  They are entered into between landowners (often estate owners or farmers) who have neither the money nor the expertise to develop their land themselves, and professional housebuilders, who have both – and who make their services available at a price.  Mike McColl explains how they work.

Changes to the Planning system: the Scottish planning system is currently going through 'root and branch' reform. Mark McMurray will look at the objectives of the reform, some of the key legislative changes in the proposed Bill (as well as some of the options for detailed secondary legislation to follow) and the current state of play in the Scottish Parliamentary process.

Iain is a partner, and Mike and Mark are senior associates, in the Glasgow office of CMS.  All are experts on their respective subjects and will in this seminar provide a comprehensive explanation of three of the most difficult – but very topical – areas in the field of property development.

The event begins at 2pm. Delegate registration is open from 1:30pm.

Iain is the senior real estate partner in CMS’s Scottish practice, and has specialised in commercial leasing for over 35 years.  He is a former member of the commercial leasing specialism accreditation committee of the Law Society of Scotland and regularly advises surveyors acting as arbitrators in dealing with rent review disputes.  He delivers lectures and seminars on these and other topics frequently and has a relaxed and humorous style, even on technical topics.  Delegates will be entertained as well as informed!

Mike McColl is a Senior Associate in the Real Estate Team at CMS, based in Glasgow, with 10 years experience advising investors and developers on real estate investments, development and management.

Mark McMurray advises private and public sector clients on complex planning law matters. His experience includes contentious matters, having been involved in a number of high profile judicial reviews and public inquiries, as well as advising on non-contentious issues such as consenting strategy. Mark has particular experience of compulsory purchase and has advised acquiring authorities and affected parties in relation to major mixed use developments, transport projects, and energy development.