Criminal Justice

The Criminal Justice (Scotland) Act 2016

May 26th


Against The Clock: How The Criminal Justice (Scotland) Act 2016 Impacts Your Clients

May 26th


Speakers: Colin Drummond; Matthew Auchincloss

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6hrs CPD

A Practical Police Scotland Perspective for Criminal Defence Solicitors

The Criminal Justice (Scotland) Act 2016 will introduce the biggest changes to policing in more than 30 years. These changes will have an enormous impact on the day to day working practices of Criminal Defence solicitors, introducing significant and meaningful changes to issues pertaining to the custody, detention and welfare of suspects and accused persons. As a Criminal Defence solicitor, it is imperative to understand the full implications of these monumental legislative changes.

CCPD Training are working with Colin Drummond, who was the Police Scotland tactical training lead on the Criminal Justice (Scotland) Act Delivery Team. Colin organised hundreds of day training sessions over 18 months to the entirety of the Scottish police force at every level, and is the definitive leading expert on the Act and its implications.

This A-Z session will provide 3 hours’ CPD for just £150 per person (catering and materials included).

  • Police Decision Making
  • Interview Prior to Solicitor Access
  • Overview of the Act and its implications
  • Powers of Arrest
  • Rights of suspects and responsibilities of interviewing authorities
  • Custodial Responsibilities
  • Use of Investigative Liberation and conditions attached
  • Post charge questioning
  • Case Studies
  • Interactive Q&A

  • Matthew Auchincloss enrolled as a solicitor in 1997 and was granted extended rights of audience in 2005. He has defended cases at all levels and argued one of the “sons of Cadder” cases before the United Kingdom Supreme Court. He is currently Director of the Public Defence Solicitor’s Office.

    The event begins at 9:30am. Delegate registration is open from 9am.

    Colin is a former Detective Inspector with thirty years’ experience in operational policing, training implementation and delivery. He is a trained Senior Investigating Officer having been involved in numerous high profile investigations.

    Colin was also seconded to the Scottish Police College as part of the Detective Training Division delivering training in the management of major crime investigations. He designed and delivered training courses on all aspects of Detective work for officers from across Scotland and abroad, and was responsible for evaluating course material, ensuring that it reflected current legislation and practice.

    He bench-marked Scotland's detective training practices against those in the Netherlands and developed proposals for training delivery improvement which are now recognised as examples of good practice.

    Colin was the tactical training lead for the Criminal Justice (Scotland) Act Delivery team. This involved working with Criminal Justice partners including COPFS, Scottish Government and others. He successfully designed, implemented and delivered training on the Criminal Justice (Scotland) Act 2016.

    As part of the training review bespoke training packages were designed for specialist officers such as Senior Investigating Officers, Interview Advisors and Custody Supervisors.

    Colin delivered this training throughout Scotland and to partner agencies such as HMRC, Ministry of Defence Police and United Kingdom Atomic Energy Constabulary.

    Colin is now an associate of Barnsley and Barnsley delivering training to Specialist Reporting Agencies on all aspects of Criminal investigations.